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Computer Based Attention Deficit Disorder Testing

physically disabled woman talking to her therapistAt Brilliant Mind Behavioral Services LLC, we keep up with the latest therapies and technological advances in psychiatry. We want to make sure that we are providing up-to-date and effective services for our clients. In line with this, we are happy to present our Computer Based Attention Deficit Disorder Testing service. One such computer-based test is called Quotient® ADHD Test.

The Quotient® ADHD Test is a computerized test wherein the patient has to react to certain sounds or images on the computer’s screen, but not to other environmental factors. Usually, this test involves pressing a button when a certain pattern appears on the screen but not when a different figure is displayed. This computerized system makes use of an infrared sensor. This sensor records how many times the patient moves during the assessment. Results show that patients with ADHD move more compared to those who don’t have the condition.

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